Counselor's Corner

Counselor's Corner


Dear Parents,

It's an honor to serve the families of Holy Spirit School! My goal is to help with students' social and emotional needs and to contribute to making the school environment as positive and welcoming as possible for all students.

Individual and/or group counseling services may be provided at school when requested and when appropriate. I'm able to meet once with any student without formal consent. For counseling services to continue, a consent form is needed. (click here for the consent form).

In addition to counseling services, I'll be visiting classrooms to provide programs on safety and other topics. Also, students wanting support with resolving conflicts or working though social difficulties are always welcome to ask to see me.

Below you will find some links and other resources that may be helpful. There are also many books in the counseling office that can be borrowed on request. Please don't hesitate to call, email or stop by to see what's available!

I look forward to getting to know you!

Allison King, M.Ed, LPCC, ATR


Minds in Motion:

Students in grades PreK through 2nd take part in the Minds in Motion maze program.  You can watch a video about the maze here:


Kids and Cell Phones:


Social media, cyberbullying and digital safety:


Dangerous apps

Safety (Internet filters)


Social Skills:

The importance of social skills:

"Lack of prosocial behavior during early childhood is the single best predictor of mental health problems during adulthood." - excerpt from "Teaching Parents to Teach Their Children to be Prosocial" by Linda K. Elksnin and Nick Elksnin.

Teaching friendship skills to your children


Divorce and Co-parenting:

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce: Shielding Your Child From Conflict by Susan Blyth Boyan


Community Resources:

If you are in need of referrals for mental health services in the community, please don't hesitate to contact the counseling office.


Articles on a variety of topics that may interest you:

The Secret to Raising Smart Kids (the importance of a growth mindset)

All About Sleep 

How to Survive Homework Meltdowns

Parenting the Snapchat Generation

7 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Knew

21 Ways to Help Your Child With Homework

Tips for Helping Your Child With Organization

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